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    • Titus Alexander is founder of Democracy Matters, the UK Alliance for Learning Practical Politics, and a Fellow of the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for Understanding Politics at Sheffield University. He is a community educator, campaign coach and author of Campaigning is OK! (2009), Learning Power (2007), Family Learning: Foundation of effective education (1997), Citizenship Schools: A practical Guide to education for citizenship and personal development (2001), Unravelling Global Apartheid: An overview of world politics (1996) and Value for People (1986).

      He has created and facilitated many courses, including Find Your Focus, Inspiring Change, Campaign Strategy and Uniting Humanity, a one-year trainer of trainers programme in education for global citizenship.

      He studied Maths, Physics and Intellectual History at Sussex University, and Philosophy of Language at Marburg, Germany. He then worked with grassroots communities in Brighton and London for ten years, and in 1986 was appointed Principal Lecturer in adult education for the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA). Since then he has worked as Adviser for Community Education for a London borough, a schools inspector, head of education at two charities and freelance speaker, facilitator and campaign coach.

      Titus is an experienced public speaker, campaign coach and workshop leader, and is keen to help education institutions develop education for practical politics.